life on the upper east side // how i got here

hello lovelies! i hope your week has been full of sunshine, family and friends, rosé, beautiful music and laughter.

i was home in pennsylvania over the weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday.  i haven’t been home in a while, so it was nice to spend a bit of time there, but i am SO happy to be back in new york.

for those of you who don’t know, i study fashion at a small school in midtown east, manhattan.  a lot of people ask me how i knew i wanted to come here and do what i’m doing.  it definitely takes a lot to leave everything you know and move to a new place, let alone new york city.  it was even harder for me because all i knew was my tiny town in pennsylvania.  everyone knew each other, and there were people there, much like my mother, who have lived there their entire lives.

warning: long story ahead. however, if you’re looking to move to the big city… this one’s for you.

i absolutely HATED my small town.  i felt trapped.  in high school, i wanted to be different (i hate saying that, it makes me sound so generic).  but seriously, i didn’t want to go to a remote college campus, eat in the same dining hall every night, join a sorority (not knocking it, just saying it wasn’t for me), and be stuck in the same area for semesters at a time.   don’t get me wrong, i loved having the comfort of my family and friends surrounding me, but everything still felt so empty. i needed change.

during the summer before my junior year, i got my first job as a stylist at american eagle outfitters at my local mall.  i instantly fell in love with retail (people still ask me how can you love retail), customer service, and most importantly, styling.  it got to a point where i had people coming into the store just so i could put things together for them.  my managers would always throw me into the fitting rooms to put things together for customers, and they always ended up buying more when i was there.  most importantly, i loved helping them.  making people smile because of something you did is the most rewarding feeling ever.  this is how i found my passion for fashion (that rhymes!!).

at my high school, every junior has to have a “junior meeting” just to check and make sure they know exactly what they want to do with their life by the end of their senior year (can you sense the sarcasm?). luckily, i had a pretty good idea of what i wanted to do.  during this meeting, they helped me look at colleges in the field i wanted to go into, which was fashion merchandising.  (if you don’t know, basically fashion merchandising is the business side of fashion.  there’s no design involved, and that’s where the $$$ is.) there was a bunch of four year universities with traditional college campuses on the list for my major, but nothing was jumping out at me.  i wanted something different, so i asked what there was in new york city.  i’d literally put no thought into this.  as soon as i said it, my heart was set on it.  the first school she pulled up is the first school i applied to, and the school i currently go to, so i guess you could say my junior meeting was a success.

fast forward to december of 2014.  i got my acceptance letter in the mail, and from that point on i knew my life was about to change for the better.

fast forward again to august 2015.  i said a lot of half-assed goodbyes to the people i was only friends with because i saw them five days a week, and only a few sincere ones, packed up my life, and left.  quietly, a little bit frightened, but mostly excited, i was onto bigger and better things.

the first question i get from people when i tell them that i live in nyc is “how do you get around?! do you take the… SUBWAY!?”  contrary to popular belief, the subway isn’t actually a horror story.  (sometimes it is, but not always.)  i had to teach myself the subway map in about a week, and now after nearly two years of being here, i’m the one that people are asking for directions.

new york taught me a lot about myself.  it taught me how to hustle, and how to bounce back when the hustle is interrupted.  it taught me that you have to bring an extra pair of shoes with you wherever you go.  i learned to stand on the right side of the subway escalator.  i learned that washington square park is the most fun place to go with your best friends during the summertime, especially when you’ve had a little too much sangria. it taught me that being alone is ok sometimes. it taught me that partying isn’t the most important part of a college experience. it gave me a deeper appreciation for where i came from.  it taught me how to be more independent. most importantly, it taught me that you can be ANYTHING you want to!! i never thought i’d be where i’m at, and i have so many plans for the future already. there’s a lot to look forward to.

to those of you that have ever wanted to move here, here is your sign to.. *shia labeouf voice* DO IT. i have girls at my high school that used to make fun of my hair and my clothes and my weight asking to come visit me in the city.  my parents tell me that i’m nearly a different person after moving here.  my best friends and my girlfriend have noticed how truly happy i am.  most importantly, if you want to come here, do it for you.  if you can prove to yourself that you can make it here, i swear to you, you will make it anywhere.

ok time for photos finally!!!

this has been such a long post, but thank you for sticking with me!!

love always,

frankie xoxo


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