strawberry fields forever // a day in the life

hi lovelies! after a little bit of a break, i’m back and so happy about it.  school started again a few weeks ago, so i’ve been trying to get myself back on track.  today i had the opportunity to travel from my nook on the upper east side to the far away land of central park west.  (if you’re unfamiliar with NYC geography, that isn’t very far.  maybe 10-15 minutes by bus/subway.)  i only have classes mondays and wednesdays, so my weekends start early, aka more time for exploring!

over the summer, a few cousins of mine from germany came to visit  the states (if you’re reading this, hi!) and they came to see me in new york for a few days.  one of the days when i was in class, they told me over dinner they went to a place called “strawberry fields”.  if you’re not aware, “strawberry fields forever” is a song by the beatles. surprisingly, i’d never been there.  i’ve wanted to go for some time but never had a free day to, so i’m very excited i finally found time to go.

so without further ado, here are some of my adventures though strawberry fields (forever).

upper left: the imagine mosaic

upper right: a little tunnel made of branches! i thought this was so cute.

lower left: a beautiful blue sky and some beautiful trees and buildings 🙂

lower right: a very nice man playing beatles covers.  he was incredible.  i requested him to play “all you need is love” and gave him a few dollars.

left: a cute fountain

right: my cute shoes (expect to be seeing these A LOT)

and of course, my personal favorite:


today was the kind of day that allows you to clear your head with some fresh air and warm sunshine.  being in a quiet and peaceful setting always helps me breathe a little easier when i’m stressed out.  i encourage anyone reading this to take a step back and breathe when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  find a place that makes you happy.  it could be physical, virtual, or imaginary.  whatever it is, keep it close to you at all times. remind yourself that you’ll get to wherever you need to be in time.  life has it’s plan for you.

until next time, lots and lots of love

frankie xo


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