winter back to school fashion

hello lovelies! today i went exploring with my good friend victoria in williamsburg, brooklyn.  i’ve lived in new york for nearly two years and surprisingly, i’ve never been to williamsburg.  i absolutely fell in love!! we had such a great time.  we did some super spontaneous things (you’ll see what i mean in a future post),  met a bunch of cool people and had some really great food.  victoria let me style her outfit/photograph her, so without further ado, enjoy our winter back to school style!


layers are essential for winter and for back to school.  temperatures in the city/in our school buildings are always so unpredictable, so it’s great to have a few things you can take off or put on.  in this case, i put her in an adorable plaid shirt with a leather jacket for some edge.  in nyc, it’s always so important to look like you put a lot of effort into your look, and a leather jacket can do that for you! (even if you didn’t spend much time piecing something together.)

ripped jeans are always a good idea.  to take it a step further, adding fishnet stockings underneath ripped denim can add a whole new feel to the look.  i paired this ensemble with a pair of low black chelsea boots, which are also waterproof in case it decides to rain.  lastly, to tie everything together, i added a black chunky infinity scarf to keep her neck warm and protected from the cold! outfit details will be down below.

aside from the lookbook, we had such a great time in williamsburg.  it’s a beautiful part of brooklyn with street art lining the buildings, small shops run by independent artists, quiet cafés, and the most down to earth vibe in all of new york.  there are hidden gems anywhere you go, you just have to know where to look.

thanks for reading all about our adventures in the city, there’s lots more to come.

lots and lots of love,

frankie xo


  • plaid shirt: forever 21
  • jacket: H & M
  • ripped denim: H & M
  • infinity scarf: H & M
  • chelsea boots: H & M (do you see a trend here)



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