post-workout routine

hi lovelies, happy wednesday! today was leg day and i am REALLY feeling it.  i thought it would be nice if i mentioned what i did/ate after a workout to help refuel my body and keep my energy going.

my absolute FAVORITE  post workout snack is avocado toast on gluten free bread.  i always make sure to keep all the ingredients i use on hand, whether i’m home for the weekend or at school in new york. i’m positive everyone on the planet knows how to make avo toast, so i won’t go into super detail, but i do have a few tricks to making it  even more yummy and a little more filling.

  • spread a thin layer of cream cheese or neufchatel over the toast before mashing the avocado.
    • this makes for a creamier taste, and for a healthier alternative, neufchatel is basically the exact same as cream cheese with one-third less fat.
  • freshly ground sea salt and red pepper flakes.
    • one of my favorite secrets!  i absolutely adore red pepper flakes, they add a little bit of a kick and a great flavor.  i have a large grinder with both sea salt and pepper in it, and i just grind a few times over my bread for a bunch of added flavor and texture.
  • lemon.
    • lemon adds a delicious citrusy taste to the toast (don’t knock it until you try it!) and also helps prevent avocado from browning!

aside from my snack, it is so important to stay hydrated. drinking loads of water after a workout (and all throughout the day) is the key to everything.  it helps your hair and skin, aids in weight loss, and helps fill you up.  adding lemon adds some sweetness and added benefits, like aiding in digestion.  i like to make a large pitcher of water with lemon and keep it in my fridge for whenever i want something super refreshing and light!

2017 is going to be the year i finally get myself looking and feeling better.  it’s going to be a long journey, but i am so ready to take it on. i have a great support system, a lot of motivation, and attainable goals for myself.  the most important thing is to stay positive and spread the love , you’ll be surprised what you get in return.

thank you to everyone for reading! sending love and health to all xoxo

lots of love,

frankie xo


One thought on “post-workout routine

  1. Great tricks: thanks! Love the lemon idea also! We’ll ride along with you on your journey and hope that some of your enthusiasm and motivation rubs off. Best wishes to you!


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