street style: how a jacket changes your whole look

hi lovelies! welcome to my first OFFICIAL post!

today’s post is all about street style and one of my favorite fashion secrets: jackets!  have you ever noticed how a jacket can completely change your look?  a fun print or some faux fur can add a super edgy and exciting twist to a rather vanilla outfit.  allow me to demonstrate…

the outfit i pieced together consists of a few of my favorite staples: black skinny denim, a black and white plaid shirt, and adidas superstars.  on it’s own, this outfit would be great for class or going out for coffee.  however, adding an oversized camo jacket completely changes the vibe! i got this camo jacket from a cute vintage store in the east village of manhattan called L train vintage. it swallows me whole, but i absolutely love it.



on the flip side of this, another one of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe is my white faux fur jacket from H & M.  it’s always what i put on if i need a little more of a statement (and some extra warmth!)  it gives a more sophisticated vibe to my unembellished look.  i got this a few years ago, but white fur is still super in!

another really subtle but awesome way to showcase your personality through what you wear is through your accessories.  i have one necklace that i never ever take off, which is really true to my style and what i believe in.  it’s an eye necklace.  it isn’t a typical evil eye, and it isn’t an eye from any famous artwork as far as i know.  a lot of people think it’s mona lisa’s eye, but she actually doesn’t have eyebrows! this necklace will be in every single post from here on out. just a little fun fact 🙂


i will be listing all my outfit details down below, but this concludes my very first blog post!! thank you so much to those of you who have supported me through this long awaited journey, and who will be along for the ride. happy styling and happy living!


lots and lots of love,

frankie xo



  • flannel shirt: american eagle
  • black denim: american eagle
  • adidas superstars: adidas or urban outfitters
  • camo jacket: L train vintage
  • white fur jacket: H & M
  • sunglasses (in cover photo): forever 21
  • moon necklace: macy’s
  • eye necklace: buffalo exchange

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